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Platino Plus 2010
Platino Plus
Clásico Plus
Parte D Medicamentos
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Coverage available for beneficiaries participants of the Platinum Program of ASES.

Platino Plus Plan

• $25.00 monthly reduction to the Medicare Part B Premium.
• Blood Pressure Monitor
• Nutritional Formulas
• Diapers for Incontinence
• Immunizations
• Eye Glasses and Hearing Aid
• Hospitalization
• Primary Care Physicians and Specialist Visits
• Dental Services

To be eligible for American Heath Medicare Platinum coverage you have to fulfill the following requirements:
Subscription to Part A and Part B of Medicare and the Health Plan of the Government of Puerto Rico (Reform)
Not having terminal stage Renal Disease (certain LSRD patients area allowed to subscribe in other Medicare plans, if the plan cancels the contract with Medicare and Medicaid Centers (CMS) or if there is a reduction in the service area.

Platino Plus Errata Sheet
  Contract Termination